Oneness Becomes Us All

Welcomes You


As is evident from space the Earth is but
one home and mankind its citizens.

Boundaries of nation and creed
are not visible, but dwell only
in the imaginations of men.

Imagine world peace;

In harmony with being:

Chords of  unity

celebrating individuality:

Vision penetrating deeper reality.

Cosmic Unity 
Pat's Peace 
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"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth."

                 Unity is the password here as is world awareness and  global thinking.

Surely It Is time For wider vision and  >A Different Perspective.

For we Are Cradled Within A Matrix Of Immensity, nurtured from within the realms of intersteller Space!

      Below are thoughts and guidance as we embark upon the journey towards world awareness, a foundation for global unity, a charter for an ever-advancing global civilization.

It is time, it is essential for our future, we learn to recognize:

                   1. A need for global awareness and mutual acceptance:

Unity, diversity, tolerance, appreciation; to know we all share the same deep needs for fellowship, satisfaction, peace and tranquility in our lives.

                    2. Validity of diverse ways of relating to and worshipping God:

Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism: the "Eightfold Path", the "Ten Commandments", "Sermon On The Mount", the Native American "Four Directions" and much more.

                    3. The worth of both science and religion:

Science, reason, philosophy; seeing modern technologies as a means of fostering enlightenment and acceptance based on knowledge, communicating with and uniting the world in peace.

link to >Investigating the "Case For World Unity".pdf  or htm"

Science is showing  that humanity is genetically a very closely related family. Mitocondrial DNA analysis from populations worldwide point to a common ancester who lived 150 thousand years ago. Racial differences, such as the degree of skin pigmentation, all happened as mankind spread across the globe. As different environments were encountered  adaptations over many thousands of years resulted in the variations of hue, height, hair, habits etc. that we see today.

Let us not think of ourselves as Jew, Christian, Muslim, Palestinian, American, etc. But rather as a single humanity dwelling upon one world, calling upon the same universal God of all.

>The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.

Surely it is time to realize we live on a  sphere spinning through space. Races and cultures are but reflections of a long history when survival was dictated by the elements.

The world of nature shows us strength in diversity.

Science gives us discipline and observation.

The telescope teaches awe and humility.

Knowledge overcomes age old barriers with mutual understanding and acceptance.

Faith in God nurtures love and grace.

Outer world vision brings dedication and service.

Inner self-worth gives inner peace.

*Walk gently through life.

Love Earth who is your mother.

Care for your brother.

(*As inspired by Cheyenne Tradition.)

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 First held in 1893 and every five years since 1993, the Parliament of the World's Religions is a gathering of people of faith and other interested people of goodwill. During the Parliament, attendees convene to learn about each other, to consider issues of global significance, and to promote interreligious understanding and cooperation.,

Indeed, the world is changing. Mankind is coming of age; an age of maturity and enlightenment. A new generation of youth are embracing evermore the growing evolutionary destined awareness of "Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men". Link to a site done by students titled "Truth Contest: Do You Know The Truth?" at

a_frog.gif  Meet a froggy friend. She uses the acronym F.R.O.G.. to express her life motto of "Fully Relying On God". She also loves frogs.  a_frog.gif

see >"Resources.htm"  for a view of resources used in this site. Without the miracle of modern internet access a compilation such as the world  "faiths listing"  (see page nav. link) would not be possible.

For a look at one of the commonly overlooked but marvelous to behold wonders of the natural world watch the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly. Click here.

Music is a vehicle for the expression of the human spirit. Elements of rythm, melody, harmony and form mirror the wonderful creative diversity of mankind. For a look at "Global Music Appreciation" visit

"Mountain top removal"  is little known to the the world outside Appalachia yet it certianly ranks as one of the most blatant destructive ways of extracting fossil fuel from the planet. For a first hand view and testimonials from local people on the impact of MTR mining click here.
Aviculture is the science of breeding birds in captivity. Ethics and pet selection are discussed on the site this links too.
 A chapter in a lifelong Bible adventure is explored. Find unorthodox, yet Biblical, answers to questions such as ; Is Jesus the Son of God? How was Jesus begotten...of God or man?. Why would Jesus want us to eat of his own body? etc. For a different look a Bible Scripture look here.
PhilosophyCosmic UnityUnity   EvolutionCooperationSymphonyCyndiPat's Peace    Faith & Topic ListingsConclusions

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