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Here is a little about me and how I came to research and write this site.

This site is a product of a life long search. As a youth I was often seen out in the fields near my home town of Bemidji MN. The observation of nature brought me peace. It was always good to get away from the concerns, problems and political issues of the day. Endless commercials expounding "buy now and save" commercialism and religious rhetoric of "do you know if you are going to heaven"? or "what if you're wrong"? assailed me from all sides. In other words little was appealing about the philosophy or goals of American "white Anglo-Saxon protestant culture.

Consolation and escape also came in the form of symphonic music. At the age of five Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Brahms were my favorites. Later I discovered the genius of Sibelius, Mahler, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn and many more. Music indeed became a communication of its own. Sonata form began to impart to my inner self something traditional activities of Judeo-Christian culture could not convey. Classical music became a means of recognizing the spirit of Mankind was more than what it appeared to be on the surface.

College days was a time upon which the conflict between reason and faith, evolution and creation, Biblical truth and the seeming contradictory observable evidence seen in the disciplines of geology, astronomy, archeology, biology, etc. just did not make sense. Being empirically based I pretty much stayed away from organized religion of any form. Yet, music kept calling to my soul that there was more than observable phenomena or scientific theory could account for. The soaring melodies of Brahms, the organic wholeness of a Sibelius symphony or the emotional poigniancy of Mahler hinted at an awareness beyond; that we are but a small part of something grand beyond our ability to grasp; much less comprehend.

All during this time questions remained either unasked or unanswered. My life journey was one of searching for understanding.

It was while attending college I discovered the Baha'i Faith. Things slowly began to change as questions were answered and new questions were encouraged. The authority and beauty of Baha'u'llah's writings could not be denied.

It was then that questions of my youth about the validity of faiths outside Christian church doctrine were dealt with. Slowly the realization of all major faiths being doorways to God made sense; if there was a merciful loving God who interfaced with humanity at all surely He would not confine himself to a

single set of doctrines or only one faith but would be the creator of all that was the universe, including Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

From this idea came the topic of this site; the belief that oneness becomes us all.


To learn about me and watch slideshows of photos showing the wonder of the natural world around and about us see  http://www.myspace.com/worldunity9




As seen against the backdrop of Cosmic dimensions and vistas beyond imagining,  we are but seemingly little more than utter insignificance! What we call planet Earth is merely a tiny mote of dust floating within a cradle of immensity; yet our capacities for exploration and discovery are surely very significant.

Our petty fleeting passions, prides, desires, understandings and comprehension are of little consequence within the realms of space and time. Dogma, creed, religious interpretations and hair-splitting discussions are but feeble attempts to pin the Unknowable into a form we can define.